Creativity, Productivity, Engagement – You can have it all

Optimize Executive Function – Never again leave productivity on the table!

Fulfilled Employees
Authentic Engagement
Advanced Retention

Burnout / Imposter Syndrome

Businesses lose up to $200 billion each year through lost productivity and accrued expenses for mental wellbeing and employee rehabilitation – resulting in high turnover and low productivity. (Harvard Business Review)
Say Goodbye to the F Words …
Fight, Flight, Freeze, Fawn
At least 50% employees have inadequate skills for how to self- regulate and are forced to go through life in a haphazard manner. Say goodbye to fight, flight, freeze, fawn – threat responses caused by a reactive brain that remains a mystery to them.

Self-paced Instruction

In a busy crowded workplace, classroom learning is expensive and time consuming. Brain-based Workplace learning materials are accessible, easy to use and deeply meaningful for each individual


Hands-on Strategies

Participants walk away with tangible, hands-on strategies that they can use immediately for long term and meaningful outcomes. Learning about one’s brain is fun when the mystery is removed.


De-mystify Neuro Constructs

There is a reason why neuroscience has remained so inaccessible to lay people and non-medical workers – most of the terms are Latin or Greek. Brain-based Workplace learning materials simplify all neural constructs.


Success Contagion

New and exciting vocabulary introduce positive workflow concepts that deliver change immediately and have long lasting affect. When the workplace is infused with oxytocin all aggressive tendencies dissipate..

Does this Sound Familiar?
Humans need psychological safety before they can engage, before they can generate winning ideas, and before they can contribute to the workplace. When your workers engage, generate ideas and contribute they experience fulfilment and sense of belonging.


Because we are Perfectionists, we cannot start until it is perfect, so Procrastination leads to – too late and Paralysis.


Anxiety Ridden

Without realizing that we harbor negative thoughts, our anxiety needle is consistently in the Red Zone..

Stressed Out

We think we can manage stress, but that icky feeling in our bellies doesn’t lie. We are constantly hyper vigilant.


Even when we go to bed early and plan to catch up, our minds refuse to rest and we end up exhausted and worried.

Negativity Self-Talk

It starts as soon as we turn into the office parking lot – that negative chatter that something bad is about to happen.

Dr. Kieran – Change Agent
Longtime experience in corporate learning and talent development spaces, Dr Kieran believes that our brains have limitless potential, if we only learn how to access it.

The Boeing Company

Groundbreaking academic papers published with Learning Training and Development peer-reviewed Journals



Seminal academic publication at International Conference for E-Learning in the Workplace, Columbia College, NY



Designed and implemented learning sciences pedagogic model that affected corporate training around the globe.


Borland Software

Implemented prize-winning tools for corporate talent and training while delivering software worldwide.

Action Plan
When it comes to brain, we each have one. What we do with it makes all the difference. If you knew that you could apply some simple tactile activations, which would cause your brain to not only work more efficiently but, in addition, make your life easier…


Know your Synapses

As a goal-directed volitional and sentient being, it becomes critical to know how your neurons talk.


Know your RAS
Since your RAS confirms your beliefs every minute of every day, it is critical to know how your RAS works.


Experience Plasticity
Your brain rewires itself, by your thinking, your words and your actions. Align words thoughts, and actions with your wiring.
My career took off when I figured out Mindset. Just one half day with Dr. K and my life is forever changed. Who would have known that when I connected my Reticular Activating System to my Growth Mindset that my world would become right-sided and right-sized..

CVS/Aetna Healthcare Provider

Lead Talent Development Recruiter

Let’s face it – Learning was sheer drudgery for me and my students. Then I met Dr. K. His class was the most fun, engaging, informative and impactful learning I ever experienced. I was sold from the beginning and it has changed my life forever. Thank you !


Athlete Salesforce Trainer

In all my years taking classes at this organization, this is the ONLY course that totally engaged me. I am not sure how you pulled this off, but the eight hours we spent investigating these complex models seemed to fly by in a minute. And I want more. Best training ever..


Systems Training