How to Empower Our Students by Teaching with the Brain in Mind

by | Feb 28, 2023

Podcast interviewer: Genein Letford

Dr. Kieran O’Mahony, who is a Learning Scientist in Cognitive Neuroscience, author and speaker, joins us in a very interesting discussion about being aware of the brain’s part in making the way for diversity, equity, and creative thinking in our classrooms. In this episode, Genein and Dr. Kieran will discuss how he got his start in cognitive neuroscience when he saw the disconnect between teaching modalities and disconnect with learning. He shares about a Triune Brain Theory, as well as advocating for emotional regulation and synchrony for our students. In the end, we will learn how to implement neuroscience in early parenting, which is paramount because the most critical years of a person’s life is 0-5. Join us for this riveting conversation.